Hi, my name is Rob.

Weighted pullups

I’m a husband and a dad to three beautiful young kids.

For the last 6 years I’ve been helping other dads to:

  • Lose fat.
  • Gain muscle.
  • Transform their bodies.
  • Extend their lives and improve their life quality.
  • Avoid disease associated with poor health.
  • Gain the strength and energy to keep up with their kids.
  • Set a healthy example for their whole family to aspire to.

These are pretty much exactly my own goals.

I want to stay lean and strong as I get older, be around until my grandkids are adults, and teach my kids to do pull-ups…

(instead of them attaching themselves to me for added weight as in the picture above!).

“Who Is Rob and Why Should I Listen to Him?”

I’ve been in your position.

I worked a corporate job for 10+ years (digital advertising & media) juggling fitness with my busy dad lifestyle and responsibilities.

Getting or staying in shape is HARD when you’ve got a busy job, you run your own business, you have kids, a wife and a social life.

Health and fitness all too often get sacrificed when guys get to this stage in life…

Fast forward 5-10 years and they regret it, big time.

Here’s a bit about my story:

In 2018, I became a dad

Best thing ever.

But I also had to figure out how to at least maintain the fitness results I had gotten over the previous 5 years, whilst navigating the challenges that came with my responsibilities:

  • Working full time.
  • Getting awful sleep.
  • Wanting to see my wife and kids.
  • Feeling guilty about taking time out for myself.

I really struggled at first.

I thought I was going to have to give up on fitness.

My old routine just didn’t work with my new life.

But I was determined to find a way.

So I got to reading through some books & studies.

The goal?

Figure out how to design a routine that would maintain all of my muscle and strength with the lowest possible demand on my time.

I ended up having to make some hard decisions and sacrifices, but I slashed my gym time by 75% and crossed my fingers.

After 6 months running with my new routine I realised I’d never go back to my old routine that saw me in the gym for 5 hours per week.

I had done it.

I could confidently say I was getting the same or better results than before whilst spending a maximum of 90 minutes per week in the gym.

I got leaner than I’d ever managed before, whilst maintaining all of my strength…

…with a 6 month old baby at home who slept really badly.

I was starting to build an online presence and I needed some professional pictures, so I got into photoshoot condition.

This picture was taken when my son was 6 months old and I had been getting 4-5 hours of broken sleep per night since he was born:

rob photoshoot

After that, I wanted to gain some more muscle and have been consistently adding strength ever since (whilst still only spending about 60-90 minutes per week working out).

In the meantime, I’ve been blessed with two more kids, started a successful business, left the 9-5 world and gotten into photoshoot shape several times (despite “not having time”):

Robert Dodds photoshoot

And I’ve spent the past several years helping hundreds of men to do the same.

So many men give up on fitness when they become dads.

I want to show you that you don’t have to.

There’s a list as long as your arm for why you NEED to train and eat right, now more than ever:

  • You need to set a healthy example for your kids to give them the best start possible and set them up for a life of good health.
  • You need to reduce your risk of serious health complications and diseases so you can be around for as long as possible for your kids and future grandkids.
  • You need to maintain muscle as you age to keep your life quality high and reduce your risk of early death.
  • You need to fight against age related muscle loss.
  • You need to keep up with your kids as they grow and continue to show them a thing or two!

I Can Help You.

If all of this has sounded like something you could use my help with, enquire about online coaching here.

By working with me, you shortcut the process of figuring everything out on your own and avoid wasting time and the potential negative consequences of making mistakes.

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