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burgers for bulking

Can I Eat As Much As I Want When Bulking?

One of the biggest reasons people fail to gain any muscle is because they simply don’t eat enough. You can: Train properly with progressive overload Get 0.8g+ of protein per lb of your bodyweight every day Follow a great routine Get the required amount of recovery Minimise stress But even if you do all that…
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how to deal with haters of your fitness journey featured

Haters Gonna Hate (and how to deal with it)

Do you receive hate for wanting to make a positive change? When I first started working out and changing what I ate 4 and a half years ago I was met with an incredible amount of resistance from friends and family. My girlfriend was supportive (she’s a good one, she’s now my wife) but almost…
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intermittent fasting

The Magic (or not) of Intermittent Fasting

Being in the health and fitness space, people often tell me about their new diets or fitness plans. This happened the other day: “Hey Rob, I’m trying intermittent fasting!” “Oh cool, do you find it helps you to eat less?” “Uh, no – I just only eat within a 6 hours window now, usually between…
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weighing scales

Why Did My Cheat Day Make Me Gain 2 Kilograms?

So, the scale suddenly went up a crap ton after an epic cheat day? Don’t worry. We’ve all done it. You’ve been doing well with fat loss and been seeing the scale go down over the weeks and months. Then a “cheat day” comes along and “ruins” everything! Perhaps it was just one meal, or…
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one arm row strength increase

The Two Biggest Reasons Your Strength Gains Have Stalled

At some point during your strength training journey, you may find you’ve hit a plateau. The weights just aren’t flying up anymore. It seems like you’ve been lifting the same weights for months. Workouts are getting more difficult. What gives? You’ve hit a plateau! This can be a frustrating experience. Sometimes, no matter what you…
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More Protein More Muscle Featured

Does More Protein Mean More Muscle?

Protein, and the amino acids it provides to your body, is the building blocks of muscle. I see a lot of people eating a very high amount of protein. Like 2x their bodyweight in pounds. For example, a 180lb man who is strength training and wishing to gain muscle, would usually be recommended to eat…
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clean eating featured image

Why Eating Clean isn’t Always Healthy

Eating Clean: An admirable goal for any wanting to lose weight and be more healthy. However, you should be aware of the role that calories play in weight loss and weight gain before you decide you’re never eating a slice of pizza again. Health and weight gain/loss are linked, but they are not the same.…
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50 Tips for Fat Loss Without Counting Calories

I get it… You KNOW that fat loss happens when you’re in a calorie deficit… But ensuring you’re in a calorie deficit means tracking calories, maybe weighing foods and using MyFitnessPal. If that just all seems like too much hassle for you, I’ve got 50 tips you can follow which are going to make it…
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How to Calculate Your Macros for Fat Loss

Want to know EXACTLY what you should be eating for fat loss? Well, it doesn’t have to be all boring foods and eating exactly the same things every day. You can eat bread and lose fat. You can eat rice and lose fat. This is the best one, you can EVEN eat chocolate and ICE…
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Bulking eating nice food without gaining fat

How to Work Out Your Macros for Bulking Without Gaining Fat

You can put on muscle eating any foods you like, provided they fit into a good macronutrient split. This post will teach you how to calculate a good macronutrient split for yourself that, if followed, will lead to muscle gain with minimal fat gain. If you need to break through a weight gain plateau, it’s…
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