Crossgrips Review: Way Better Than a Regular Doorway Pullup Bar!

Crossgrips Review: Way Better Than a Regular Doorway Pullup Bar!

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A couple of years back, I replaced my original doorway pullup bar, with one that had the ability to fold flat.

This was great! Now it would fit easily in a cupboard!

After using it for a while, I realised it was damaging my door frame pretty badly.

I also threw it in the back of my car to take it with me on a trip once, but when I got to my lodge the doors were wider than a standard door and it wouldn’t fit properly.

I’ve now found something much better! Enter Crossgrips:

Recently, I discovered something called Crossgrips from Jayflex Fitness.

Long story short, they’re fantastic, so I reached out to them and asked if we could set up an affiliate deal, because I wanted to promote them all over the place.

So, if you head here and order them, you will get 15% off. If the discount doesn’t apply, add the coupon ROB15.

Right, with that said, you’re probably wanting to know why they are so good, and why I was so happy to recommend them.

What Are Crossgrips?

Crossgrips replace a standard doorway pullup bar.

They are 2 separate items which you fit over your door frame, giving you 2 handles in the doorway for your training.


crossgrips on door frame


man doing pullups on crossgrips

You can do pullups, chinups (plus a lot more).

These solve a lot of issues people have with home training. It’s not difficult to see why they funded over $200,000 on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

They are ultra portable and extremely easy to store!

They weight just 1.9 lbs each and they fold completely flat. There’s even a stretchy strap which goes around them both when they’re flat to keep them together.

This makes them easy to chuck in a suitcase or overnight bag, or just to easily store in a small space in a drawer, on a shelf or in the cupboard when you’re not using them.

I’ll now never worry about working out if I’m travelling again. I’ll definitely be bringing these and my rings, and I won’t need a hotel gym.

It takes less than 15 seconds to set them up!

You just pull them apart, twist, and fit them over your door frame at the top.

That’s it, they’re ready to go.

It probably takes about 5 seconds per handle.

Oh, and there’s no assembly before the first use. You don’t have to figure out how to put them together, like with pullup bars.

You can train in a variety of ways!

Crossgrips can be used for pullups (palms facing away), chinups (palms facing towards you) or neutral grip pullups (palms facing together!). Most doorway pullup bars don’t offer a neutral grip, which is personally my favourite way to do pullups. If they DO offer neutral grip, those bars are a fixed width apart. Due to the nature of Crossgrips and the fact it’s 2 separate handles, you can move them closer together or further apart to suit your own body and size. This has been great for me, as I have shoulder and elbow issues to work around – and I need to be able to set these at the right width that doesn’t cause pain.

They are not just for pullups and chinups!

Crossgrips also have a use outside of the doorframe. See this image:


crossgrips uses


Now you’ve got some useful parallettes and pushup handles.

They even come with optional straps that allow you to hang and do leg raises:

leg raises on crossgrips

You can use them to hang rings or a suspension trainer!

From the neutral grip handles, you can hang rings or a suspension trainer, meaning you now have lots more exercises available.

You can do dips (ring dips are a favourite of mine), ring pushups, ring rows, suspension split squats, hamstring curls and more!

They’ll fit over pretty much any doorway!

The problem I had with my pullup bar, was that it relied on the door being a standard width in order to work.

This no longer matters with Crossgrips. As they hang from the top of the doorframe on both sides, rather than relying on applying pressure to the frame from each side, it doesn’t matter how wide it is!

You can set them at the exact width you need!

width adjustment crossgrips

So on a normal pullup bar, this doesn’t matter, because you’ve got the whole bar to hold anywhere you like.

However, parallel grip handles on pullup bars are usually a fixed distance apart. This isn’t right for everyone. Now you can change that and put the handles wherever is best for you. I have a slightly wider grip than average.

They won’t damage the door frame!

protects door frame

This was a problem with my last pullup bar and I’m going to have to repair TWO of my door frames and the wall above it.

This won’t be a problem any more.

They’re perfectly secure!

Unlike those annoying pressure based pullup bars, these won’t fall down and are rated up to 250 lbs.


locking positions

They’re incredibly durable!

I’ve had both cheap and expensive doorway pullup bars, and over time they definitely started to feel less secure. They would go all loose and wobbly, and I’d worry if they would hold through my set.

One thing you’ll notice about crossgrips is how sturdy they feel when you take them out of the box. And because they’re small, you’re not stuffing them in cupboards amongst your vacuum and your ironing board, and constantly giving them rough treatment as they come in and out.

A pullup bar (or handles in this case) is an essential piece of home workout equipment!

Pullups and chinups are an EXCELLENT foundational movement that will build muscle all over your back and give you huge biceps.

But you can also use them to do hanging leg raises, or you can hang rings or a suspension trainer and then do ring dips, ring pushups, ring fallouts etc.

They’ll be an incredibly useful piece of kit for a home workout plan, and they store away incredibly easily!

Get 15% Off Yours!

I reached out to the Jayflex fitness team, saying how brilliant I thought this equipment was. In return for sharing my review, they gave me a code which will give you 15% off your order.

It will also give me a small affiliate commission.

Buy here. Your discount should be automatically applied. Use the code ROB15 if it isn’t.

Happy pull-ups!

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