10 Reasons You Should Be Strength Training

10 Reasons You Should Be Strength Training

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Strength training will get you an impressive and aesthetic looking physique.

But is that really worth it for all the time you have to invest?

Depends how important that is to you. The good news is, that’s not the end of the benefits BY ANY MEANS!

Here’s some of the best benefits of strength training

1. Live longer.

Research has shown that increased muscle mass correlates with longer life. Especially lower body muscle mass – so don’t skip leg day!

2. Better quality of life.

Ever see old people who can barely walk? Barely stand? Poor posture, hunched shoulders, rounded backs? Yeah, that would SUCK for your quality of life. There’s not a lot you can do in that condition. This happens due to sarcopenia (the process of losing muscle as you age). If you strength train, you will firstly have more muscle to begin with, giving you a head start on sarcopenia. Secondly, strength training offsets sarcopenia, so you can still be retaining and even building muscle, while others of the same age are losing lean mass.

3. Example to your kids.

Kids copy everything. If you have kids and you’re out of shape and lazy, that’s probably what your kids are going to be too. The reverse is also true. What type of adults do you want them to be?

4. Build muscle.

Kind of obvious, if you strength train, you’ll build muscle. Muscle is awesome, for reasons we’ve already discussed above. It’s also very aesthetic, making you more attractive to potential partners. Having an athletic look also gives you an unfair advantage in various other settings too, for example, sales, or in business. People subconsciously think you’re worth listening to if it’s clear you take care of your health.

5. Keep fat off.

Increased muscle mass raises your metabolic rate. This means you require more energy. You can eat more food, and it will TAKE more food to make you fat. Muscles are also glycogen sinks. Glycogen is a substance that gets stored in muscles from carbohydrates you eat, to be used as a fuel source. If you have more muscle, you can store more. This means you have an added buffer where you can store some carbs as glycogen in muscles before you start storing fat.

6. Destress.

Lifting weights is a GREAT way to manage stress, and it can help in combating anxiety and depression, due to the release of endorphins.

7. Socialise.

Gyms are great places to meet like-minded people who are into self improvement, bettering themselves, levelling up etc. Much better than the average person you might meet in a bar on a night out.

8. Improve mindset.

Strength training has an incredible effect on your mindset. Seeing your body transform over time gives you a powerful realisation. Looking back at what you were lifting 1, 2, 3 or more years ago and seeing how far you’ve come has a similar effect. You realise that you’re capable of incredible things. Things that once seemed impossible, you can accomplish, and then improve on further.

9. Better resilience.

Strength training is hard. You’ll develop mental toughness. You learn a lot about yourself when you approach a weight you’re not sure you can lift, and then you smash it for a new PR. The same goes for when you’re halfway through a rep that you’re not sure you can finish, and then you find the drive from somewhere deep within you and complete the rep. You’re building an above average human.

10. Improve other areas of life.

When you strength train you learn the power of consistent action. You learn how to delay gratification and that tiny, consistent steps forward add up to huge change over time. You can apply this to almost any area of life. This includes finances, self improvement, entrepreneurship and business.

Want to learn how to build muscle?

I’ve been strength training for 5 and a half years at the time of writing this.

I’ve built really decent amounts of muscle in that time. I’ve also learned about a lot of things that don’t work and what DOES work.

I’ve collected and organised all of that information.

The result is a 70+ page ebook (with nice, professional design and photography) that lays out all of the major things you need to make sure you’re following in your strength training program. I’ve also listed a load of things that are distractions, don’t work and should be avoided.

If you’re looking for a muscular physique, it’s not about finding the perfect program or combination of exercises. There’s an almost endless variety of programs that will work.

But they also WILL NOT work if you’re not applying certain principles.

All of that information is laid out for you here (as well as several sample programs that you can use, or tweak to your own preference).

Once you’ve read this book and absorbed the lessons, you’ll never need to buy another program.

I’ve seen countless programs that will teach you NOTHING being sold at 5, 6, 7, even 8 times this price!

You really don’t have much to lose.

This book:

  • Explains each of the principles in detail, worded simply so anyone can understand it, with example scenarios that draw on my own experience, and experience of coaching online clients.
  • Will teach you how to eat to build muscle, including how to calculate your own unique nutrition requirements.
  • Explains why your genetics are NOT holding you back.
  • Will teach you how to evaluate your own program, and build one that is balanced, you can recover from, and gain muscle on – with the right balance of volume, frequency and intensity that makes sense for you.
  • Lists many of the common myths and misguided beliefs that you need to steer clear of (and covers common nutrition nonsense that will kill your gains.)
  • Explains how to find your own workload sweet spot and schedule that will keep you progressing nicely without burning out.
  • Contains 6 programs written by me, for different schedules, training frequency and training advancement, and suggests other programs to research, written by expert trainers.
  • Much more.

Don’t waste another penny on expensive, thrown together crap that promises you the body of some celebrity, generic warrior or superhero.

You can’t get someone else’s body, but there is an amazing, strong and muscular version of YOU that ONLY YOU can look like.

This will teach you how to get it.

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