Home Workout Recommended Equipment

Joining one of my plans and want to work out at home?

Whist I recommend getting a full gym membership at some point, you can definitely make great progress for quite some time from home – without having to build yourself an expensive home gym.

Here’s some recommended equipment that you’ll be able to perform a well rounded program with.

Pullup Bar/Something to do Pullups/Chinups On

Don’t worry if you can’t do pullups or chinups yet. There’s ways of making them easier by providing some assistance (with resistance bands – linked lower down)

I highly recommend getting the Jayflex Crossgrips.​ They’re much more portable, easier to store, allow you to do neutral grip and they don’t damage the door frame. That link will give you 15% off – it will automatically apply (use code ROB15 if it doesn’t work).

If you haven’t got the budget, then a doorway pullup bar works too –


You’re going to need some weight. If you can afford it, definitely get these.

Powerblock dumbbells are unbelievably good, and they allow you to replace a full rack of dumbbells with just one compact dumbbell that has incredible quick-changing of weights.

They’re not cheap, but they’re 100% worth it. If you’re trying to save some money, then get this range. You can always add on the expansion kits in future if you need more weight.

If you want all the weight available to you at the beginning AND you want their BEST range, then get these ones and add on the two expansion kits which will make it possible to have 90 lbs per hand.

If you can’t get these because they don’t ship to your country, then look into these instead (UK link). They’re similar, but not expandable. So get the bigger ones if you can.

If you need a cheaper option, get something like this with plates you can put on and take off to make different weights –

Resistance bands

These will be your best friend if you can’t do pullups – They provide the assistance so you’re not lifting as much weight. You can get various different strength bands that provide more or less assistance, and they can be combined together too. The idea is to progress to using less and less resistance and do more and more reps. They also have many other uses and are great tools for warmups and rehabilitation work.

Other Equipment

That’s a good minimum level of equipment that will allow you to get a full body workout in. It would be great if you had a fully adjustable bench, rated to take a lot of weight, a barbell, lots of weight plates, a power rack, cables, pulleys etc. But that’s just not realistic for most people.

I still recommend gym access, but with the above equipment you’ll be able to progress well enough through the beginner to intermediate stage and see results.