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Having a baby hits your life HARD (and your fitness routine may be the first thing to be sacrificed!)

Your time is no longer something you are in control of. You can no longer do what you want, when you want.

You’ve got to get up 10 times a night, do feeds, wash bottles, sterilise things, wash an insane amount of clothes, respond to crying, do nap times, etc.

And all of the old jobs still need doing too, AND you still have to go to work!

Yes, your partner does some/most of that, but in this day and age dads have got to pitch in as well!

Your partner’s time is now valuable, as is yours, and when you’ve both got a moment spare it’s quite unlikely that you disappearing off to the gym will be something that will fly in the long term (that is if you’ve even got the time or energy to do so).

Your Painful Problem

Being in shape is important to you but your new life change means you just can’t make the time.

You are worried you’ve already started on the decline towards being fat and out of shape at 40 or 50, a shadow of the man you were, and not someone who is going to be a role model to your kids and protector to your family.

You’ve already noticed a drop in strength because you’re not making it to the gym consistently, your muscles look flat, and you’re losing definition. A few months of eating convenience food is beginning to take its toll on your definition. This is getting you depressed, but you can’t complain to your partner about it. She has bigger things to worry about and thinks you’re being ridiculous!

You’ve not gone to the gym in weeks, and you’ve truly fallen out of the habit. You’re now almost scared to go because you’re worried about how badly you’ll perform.

What’s the point of even going? Going once every few weeks isn’t going to cut it, so you might as well stop the gym until life calms down, right?

Unfortunately, life isn’t going to calm down now. There will always be something to get in the way. Kids demand more of your time as they grow up. You NEED to keep up this habit, for their sake and for yours.

Looking after your family starts with looking after yourself.

You CANNOT give up on this.

Being strong is the best correlate we have to human longevity.

If you want to be a role model for your kids and you want them to grow up healthy, you’re the best example.

You’re more likely to be around longer for your kids and grandkids, and LESS likely to need them to take care of you if you focus on being strong and building muscle NOW, and retaining that into later life.

You start losing muscle in your thirties if you don’t work to retain it. Giving up on the gym now is the worst thing you can do if you want to be around longer and spend more quality time with your kids.

If you want to give your family the best life, you need to look after yourself. A healthy mind starts with a healthy body. Crushing fitness goals gives you confidence that you can crush other goals. It also teaches you discipline and that results happen through consistent action and tiny pieces of progress that add up to huge changes over the long term.

My Story

The birth of my son in 2018 hit me hard.

It’s the best thing that’s ever happened. I love him more than anything.

It has also been the most challenging thing I’ve dealt with.

Trying to maintain strength and fitness became a HUGE challenge whilst also trying to do my share of looking after my son and all the responsibilities that come with a baby. This is not to mention supporting my wife and still working a full time job.

I had to get creative.

I experimented with a few different approaches to training and diet that were incredibly time efficient.

I’ve finally settled on an approach to diet and training that works to keep you getting stronger, gaining more muscle (or getting leaner if that’s your goal) even when a new baby has come into your life.

My physique at birth of child:

before refeed

My Physique Now (less than 12 months later)

Current physique

You might be thinking I can go to the gym any time I like, so no wonder I have still been able to get good results.

Not true. Here’s my schedule.

5am – 7:30am: I get up and look after my son while my wife sleeps after an exhausting night breastfeeding.

07:30: leave for work.

08:30 – 17:00: work

18:00 – arrive home from work

18:00 – 19:00 – time with my son

19:00 – 21:30 – time with my wife, cooking, cleaning up etc.

21:30 – 22:00 – bed.

22:00 – 05:00 – wake up multiple times throughout the night.

Weekends: Strictly family time

I’m not casually going to the gym during that time! I have to carve the time out of a packed schedule, just like you!

New Dads – I Can Help You

If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to balance your big life change with your health and fitness goals, I can help you.

Going to the gym once every few weeks and trying to put up your old numbers on your old routine is NOT the answer! This will only get you demotivated when you don’t achieve it, and likely injured.

I have a three month program which will get you back in the gym with incredibly time efficient workouts which ONLY focus on the things you need to get the maximal results. Most people are wasting their time with 50+ percent of what they do in the gym. This program doesn’t suffer that problem.

My programs include the most efficient exercises, number of sets, rep range, intensity, etc. that get you the absolute best results for the amount of time invested. You’ll be building muscle with less work than ever before.

Here’s what you’ll get in the program

  • I will devise a workout plan completely tailored to your goals. I will never give two people the same plan.
  • Your custom plan will include exercises you’re familiar with, that are selected for their ability to hit as many muscle groups as possible. The set and rep schemes will be focused on maintaining and gaining strength and muscle with the minimum amount of work.
  • I’ll teach you how you can get in great home workouts with minimal equipment and use these to intelligently shuffle your weekly plan and keep you on track when you can’t make it to the gym.
  • I will share my strategies for staying on plan with diet, and give as much nutrition guidance as is needed for your goal.
  • Education on how fat loss and fat gain work so you can effortlessly lose fat without cutting out any particular food – this means you can still enjoy the occasional “bad” treat with our partner after a particularly stressful day!
  • I will review videos of you in the gym, give form critique and mental cues that you can apply next time. I’ll also provide you with best practice technique videos.
  • 24/7 access to me via email
  • 24/7 access to me via WhatsApp – I will respond within a reasonable time frame.
  • A weekly 30 minute skype/WhatsApp video call where we cover your training and diet plan, go over any obstacles you faced, and discuss anything you want.
  • Exercise coaching – ask me any questions about any exercise and I will draw on my years of experience to help you do it right.
  • Send me videos of you in the gym and I will critique your form, offering you tips to improve.

All of the time saving tricks I’m using to eat well, despite being a new dad

  • Bespoke flexible dieting plan (not a list of things you have to eat) – baby life requires flexibility!
  • NO RIGID DIET PLANS. There’s nothing you cannot eat, and nothing you MUST eat. You’ll learn why this is.
  • I’ll tell you how much you should be eating for your goal (as well as the macronutrient split). I will also help you identify foods that fit the goal well (although we can fit in any food).
  • I’ll teach you how to track calories and macros and share my secrets on how I do this in 5 minutes a day, max. More than worth it for the ability to eat foods you actually want while adapting to a new life situation. If you can’t make the effort to learn how to do this and put it in place, then I think my methods are not for you.
  • I’ll allow and encourage you to eat ANY food you like or want and I’ll teach you how you can do this without sabotaging ANY progress.
  • Go-to, easy to cook recipes to easily hit macros.
  • Batch cooking ideas. Meals that are my go-to for batch cooking with the minimum time. PLUS how I fit this into a hectic family schedule.
  • Supplement advice – which ones are actually worth taking, making sure you’re not sold a dream by people preying on your insecurities of lower testosterone due to sleep deprivation!
  • Breaking down protein shake choices. I’ll tell you exactly which ones are worth ordering and teach you how to figure it out too.
  • Flexible life training (the strategies I use to stay on plan, no matter what comes up!)

You’ll also get this:

  • You will learn all of the tricks I’ve learned to stay in shape on a baby schedule. For example, how to prepare a week’s worth of lunches for work in one go, while your baby sleeps! Easy enough recipes to prepare in any nap time!
  • My personal diet plan. See what I’m eating to stay lean and build muscle. No intricate and difficult recipes. Family friendly and batchable meals!
  • My grocery shopping list! Grocery shopping is good baby bonding time if you put them in the seat of the trolley/cart!
  • My personal training routine. This will show exactly what I am doing to build muscle on limited time.
  • Any future paid products I release will be free to you, on request. I have 2 in the pipeline already.

It isn’t going to be easy, so you’ll benefit from my years of experience grinding through tough periods of losing fat, gaining muscle, staying on track and being consistent.

This is a mental process as well as a physical one. I will give you tips that will help you stick with it when you want to quit.

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