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Unlock the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss—No Gimmicks, No Bull: How to Ditch the Dad Bod and Become the Man Your Family Needs You to Be!

You’re not looking for another “magic pill”, an unsustainable program that doesn’t fit your life, or a meal plan you’ll hate within 10 days.

You want:

  • Something real.
  • Something sustainable.
  • Something that fits your busy life.
  • Something you can do indefinitely.

You want to climb mountains with your family, not pant your way through a short hike.

You want to outlive and outshine previous generations in your family, healthily and happily.

And, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t mind occasionally savoring a cold brew without agonising over the expanding “dad bod.”

If this resonates with you, don’t click away.

What follows is a game-changing, two-pronged strategy designed to transform your health—and your life—for good.


Welcome to the Last Workout & Nutrition Program You’ll Ever Need!

I fully believe this is the best online coaching service around.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of scam artists out there…

They’ll take your money then copy and paste to you the same program their other under-serviced clients are on…

Then send you a text in a couple of weeks to check how it’s going… but you’ll have already checked out.

In a sea of sharks and pirates this is a luxury cruise liner that’s come to save you and take you to your destination, first class.

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey, specifically tailored to you.

I won’t give you a cookie-cutter plan you’ll struggle to adhere to that makes no sense with your unique commitments…

Instead, I’ll craft a program that seamlessly integrates with your life, available resources, and individual needs.

Complete this short application and let’s transform your life together!

I’ve helped hundreds of men aged 30-50, with young kids and busy jobs, to get results like these:

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Stefan transformation

John transformation

Ian transformation

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James' transformation nothing barred fitness

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Here’s what people are saying:

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How it Works

Your Custom Training Blueprint

No more guesswork.

Whether you’ve got a gym membership or just a few dumbbells at home, I’ll develop a workout plan catered to your experience level and availability.

All that’s required is 60 minutes a week, either at home, at the gym, or a combination of both!

My customised plans start with the power of the minimum effective dose – and then build up from there if you’ve got time for more.

I’ll design your workouts for efficiency and make sure they fit effortlessly into your day and can be tracked through my exclusive app.

The high intensity protocols I will teach you ensure you get the maximum results from the minimal dose.


Sustainable Eating for Lifelong Results

I don’t give you a list of things to eat and a list of things to avoid.

I don’t put you on a starvation diet or give out an unrealistic meal plan.

Instead, I adapt to your existing eating habits, making manageable changes that you’ll actually want to stick with.

My goal is to disrupt your current way of eating as little as possible.

You will still be able to enjoy foods you love—nothing is off-limits.

I’ll teach you how to manage and flex your nutrition across the week to make your favourites fit.

Trust me, you won’t feel deprived.

This approach will have you wondering how you’re seeing your waistline shrink without feeling hungry.


How It All Comes Together


  1. Initial Setup: We’ll get you onboarded and collect all the information needed to craft your personalised plan.

  2. Nutritional Targets: I’ll provide a dedicated coaching log for monitoring crucial metrics and set achievable nutrition goals.

  3. 90-Day Success Roadmap: Your customised training program, complete with a 90-day goal, will be loaded into your app.

  4. Form Reviews: Benefit from video form evaluations based on your submitted footage (optional, no extra cost).

  5. Weekly Check-Ins: Keep your progress on track with regular video check-ins and detailed performance reviews.

  6. On-the-Go Coaching: Have a question? I’m just a message away at any time—think of it as having a personal coach right in your pocket.

  7. Abundance of Resources: Benefit from access to my exhaustive video library covering everything you need to know, as well as over 100 high protein recipes and my best tips and tricks from doing this for hundreds of clients, and for myself for the last decade.


Guaranteed Results

If you follow your plan and check-in weekly, I promise you’ll see the results you’ve been dreaming of.

If not, I’ll give you your money back.

What are you waiting for?

Ready to join in and start getting results?

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