50 Tips for Fat Loss Without Counting Calories

50 Tips for Fat Loss Without Counting Calories

I get it…

You KNOW that fat loss happens when you’re in a calorie deficit

But ensuring you’re in a calorie deficit means tracking calories, maybe weighing foods and using MyFitnessPal.

If that just all seems like too much hassle for you, I’ve got 50 tips you can follow which are going to make it more likely that you’ll consume fewer calories.

Consume fewer calories and you’ll be more likely to get into a calorie deficit.

Stay in a calorie deficit for weeks/months and you’ll see fat loss progress.

If you want to eat chocolate, ice cream and other junk food (in moderation) then I recommend you track your calories accurately as this can quite easily take you out of your calorie deficit again. It’s why you NEED to be tracking the numbers if you want to fit more fun foods in!

ice cream for fat loss

Anyway, here’s the list:

Fat loss for people who don’t want to count calories:

  1. Throw all tempting snacking foods out of your house.
  2. Eat fruit instead of chocolate and sweets.
  3. Eat strawberries, grapes and raspberries for low calorie snack options.
  4. Stop snacking as much, increase meal sizes.
  5. Eat Omelettes for breakfast & lunch.
  6. Push meals back. Eat a later breakfast or skip it all together.
  7. Porridge is filling for few calories. Make with water to eat even more porridge for your calories.
  8. Eat chicken breast roasted with a load of vegetables for dinner.
  9. Switch to skimmed milk instead of semi-skimmed or full fat.
  10. Switch to black coffee.
  11. Cut fat off of meat.
  12. Drain your ground beef after cooking and rinse with boiling water to remove as much fat as possible (fat is 9 kcals per gram).
  13. Reduce consumption of avocados, cheese and nuts as they’re higher fat foods that are easy to over eat.
  14. Out go sausages, burgers and bacon, in comes lean beef and chicken breast – removing fat, adding protein (which is filling and has a higher thermic effect – you burn a bit more calories by digesting it).
  15. Don’t eat skin on chicken breast – it’s higher calorie.
  16. Eat breast instead of thigh and wing – pure protein as opposed to a mixture of protein and fat.
  17. Cook vegetables a little less so they’re harder and more filling.
  18. Eat potatoes. It’s very hard to overeat them because they’re so filling. Just don’t cook them with a load of oil, lard or butter – THIS is usually where all the calories come from.
  19. Use as little oil as possible generally.
  20. Eat salads. Don’t put a load of dressing on them. A soft boiled egg on top can make a nice dressing as the yolk oozes out onto the salad.
  21. Low fat versions of things like mayonnaise are your saviour.
  22. Diet coke and other zero drinks are good. Filling for 0 calories.
  23. Drink more water.
  24. Get your protein from the lowest calorie sources. E.g. Tuna or turkey breast instead of nuts or eggs.
  25. Less protein shakes, more food. Liquid protein doesn’t fill you up so you’ll still be wanting more food after getting your protein in.
  26. Green veg, white veg and carrots are extremely hard to over eat. Load up.
  27. Apples are more satiating per calorie than bananas.
  28. Eat Oranges. Don’t drink their juice.
  29. Organic, grass fed or wild caught makes 0 difference if the calories are the same.
  30. Don’t go shopping when hungry.
  31. Batch cook a load of dinners to use when motivation is low.
  32. Eat slower.
  33. You don’t have to finish every plate. Stop when satisfied.
  34. I know you were told to eat the crusts on your bread, but you can actually lower the calories of bread quite a bit by not eating the crust.
  35. Stop drinking alcohol. Your inhibitions are lower when drunk, so you’ll eat more. Alcohol also has calories which add up quickly. You wont’ be able to drink a large amount and stay in a calorie deficit. Cut down.
  36. Salmon is great, but white fish is lower calorie so you can eat more of it for the same calories as salmon.
  37. Lift at least 3x per week in the gym
  38. You don’t have to eat breakfast. Many people aren’t hungry at breakfast but eat it anyway. You won’t die if you don’t eat it, just eliminate those calories and wait until lunch.
  39. Set your environment up for success. Don’t keep chocolate in the fridge, keep it in a tin out of sight in another room.
  40. Walk more to increase the number of calories you’re burning and increase your deficit.
  41. Go to bed earlier so there’s less chance of night time temptation.
  42. Get an accountability partner.
  43. Don’t watch the scale every day. Short term changes are meaningless.
  44. If you mess up, don’t worry. Just get back on track at the next meal.
  45. Make room for social occasions by eating less before/after.
  46. There is no starvation mode that stops you losing fat.
  47. Be realistic. If you’re not tracking calories I wouldn’t expect more than 1lb per week loss.
  48. Ignore friends and family being negative.
  49. Don’t eliminate whole food groups.
  50. Anything radical sounding is probably unnecessary.
  51. Accept that you will be hungry sometimes and hunger isn’t necessarily a problem you have to fix with food.
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