Thank You for Your Purchase of the Six Week Accelerator Program!

You’re in the coaching program!

You’ve made a big first step towards supercharging your progress!

Over the next six weeks, you’re going to:

  • Get on a sensible, customised resistance training program for your goals.
  • Get tailored nutrition recommendations so you can lose fat easily.
  • Go through a process where you’ll be delivered the education you need to understand fat loss and resistance training frameworks.
  • Receive coaching, guidance and feedback on any of the above areas.
  • Get access to your coach for direction, questions and accountability.

You’ll soon receive an email from me detailing all of the next steps, explaining how this is going to work, what you need to do and when.

Go and check if you’ve got this email now.

I’ve given you a list of actions. There’s a few things to do and get your head around!

Be sure to read that email and carry out the actions I’ve set for you. This will allow you to access your program and the coaching systems that are in place to help you.

Can’t wait to start working with you and I’ll be in touch soon!