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Compound Exercises: How to Use them for Optimal Gains

Compound exercises are the best way to efficiently work multiple muscle groups at once. If you want to work your whole body, build muscle everywhere and you’re interested in getting the maximum returns from the time you spend training, then compound exercises are absolutely what you need to be doing. With just 6 compound exercises…
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Progressive Overload – The Seriously Important Principle for Your Gains

Progressive overload is an absolute must if you want to get stronger and build muscle. But what is it? Put simply, it is the gradual increase in difficulty of your workout program over time. Time in this sense refers to session to session, week to week and month to month – rather than intra-workout. This…
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10 Important Tips for Gym Newbies

When you’re just getting started in the gym, you can really feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. This post will give you 10 tips to help you get started with the gym and make working out a habit that you can sustain. 1. Don’t worry about other people. Gym intimidation is enough to…
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do you need to lift heavy to build muscle

Can You Build Muscle with Light Weights?

One of the biggest misconceptions people hold is the belief that you need to lift heavy weights to build muscle and light weights are next to useless. In truth, you can build muscle with ANY load (including light weights), as long as your sets are difficult and come close to failure. There is strong evidence…
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Upper/Lower Workout Plan – The Perfect Program for Intermediate Lifters

An upper/lower workout split can be the perfect option for intermediate lifters. While beginners usually do best on a full body program, intermediates may need more volume to keep progressing, but a lower frequency for optimal recovery from that volume. Full body programs usually see you train 3 times per week, training every muscle group…
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Is it OK to Train With Weights 7 Days Per Week?

Is it possible to work out all 7 days of the week and make good progress? Is there ever a situation where that might be recommended? Do you even need rest days? If you’ve read a bit about weight training, you’ll no doubt be aware that it’s usually recommended that you have rest days from…
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The Ultimate Home Workout Guide

A home workout plan is a necessity these days, especially as you never know when gyms will be forced to close under lockdown rulings. If you want to hit your fitness goals, you need to be able to stay consistent. In order to stay consistent, you need a backup plan in case the gym is…
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The Perfect Full Body Workout Plan for Beginners

A full body workout plan is perfect for beginners who are just getting started at the gym and want to see the best possible results. What beginners do in the gym can be the difference between making gains, and making RAPID gains! Before we get into this I just want to say there are a…
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How Neglecting Recovery Affects Your Gains

Most people don’t realise that training is actually a stress to your body and they need to focus more on the recovery from that stress if they want to gain more muscle. You don’t get stronger in the gym – you get weaker. You break your muscles down. I know your muscles look (and are)…
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How to Accelerate Fat Loss by Walking

You’d be very surprised just how much the simple act of walking can help with fat loss. Fat loss is all about a calorie deficit (OK, there’s slightly more to it than that, but that’s the first thing you’ve got to get right). Getting into a calorie deficit should mainly be driven by changes to your…
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