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Protein: How Much Protein is Needed to Build Muscle?

Protein is the one macronutrient everyone is obsessed with! You’ll see all kinds of things sold in the shops with the word slapped across the packaging. These range from “protein packed” bars and snacks, cereals that are “fortified with protein” and so on. Why are we all so obsessed with this macronutrient? It is what…
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diet after your diet

Why the Diet After Your Diet Matters

Once you’ve successfully managed to lose a load of fat, get absolutely ripped and reveal the muscle you worked hard for, it’s important that you keep dieting. Huh? Yes, the diet after your diet really does matter. Why do I need to diet after my diet? If you’ve gotten shredded and can very clearly see…
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Calorie Surplus – How Many Calories to Build Muscle?

If you’re here, hopefully it’s because you understand that to build muscle, you need to be in a calorie surplus. If you don’t understand this, I recommend you go back here and read about how to build muscle. However, I’ll recap for you here briefly. There’s several things that must be in place if you…
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bench press sets

How Many Reps and Sets Should I do to Build Muscle?

Awesome physiques require building some muscle. That means lifting weights for sets and reps. But how many sets and reps should you do to build muscle? What Are Sets and Reps? If you’re starting out on this journey, you’re going to have to get familiar with sets and reps. You’ll see these terms on loads…
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How to Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat

Are you “dreamer bulking”? Prepare for Fat Gain!

Bulking used to be one of my favourite things ever. I can remember sneaking out of work when I had a spare 5 minutes and going to Tesco Express across the road. I would buy whatever bags of chocolate were on offer for £1. This usually ended up being some Cadbury’s Boost Bites, some “dinky…
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What is a Refeed Day and do I Need One?

I woke up and went to the bathroom. Grabbed the scales and stepped on (after the first wee of the day and before eating anything, obviously). 85.6kg, the lowest I’d seen in years. Checked myself in the mirror. Wow, abs, striations, definition, separation. “I’m ripped” (smugface). But something annoyed me. “My muscles look a lot…
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balanced workout routines

What Does a Balanced Workout Program Look Like?

Keep an eye on people in the gym and you’ll soon notice that a lot of them work the same muscles in every workout, or neglect certain muscle groups entirely. There’s too many people working chest, abs and arms. On the other hand, there are not enough working legs and back. Curls for the girls,…
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Meal Timing Is It Necesary

Is Meal Timing Important for Muscle Gain or Fat Loss?

Meal timing is one of those things that people focus way too much of their attention on, thinking it is going to get them the results they desire. I have seen people in the gym changing rooms with Tupperware containing 5 cooked chicken breasts for the day so they can eat one every 2 hours.…
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is meal prep necessary?

Why Meal Prep and Do I Need to do it?

Meal prep means cooking in bulk (a big batch of chilli for example) and then splitting this up into equal sized meals that you can eat all week. Ideally you track all of the ingredients and record the macros/calories so you are able to know where you are in relation to your nutrition and body…
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Which exercises burn fat?

I want to “BLAST BELLY FAT!” What should I do in the gym to lose weight?

I’ve got some news which might be unwelcome. I know you want to know what kinds of exercises are going to make the fat cells shrivel up and die. Unfortunately, those exercises don’t exist. That’s right. There are NO exercises you can do, that will get rid of your fat. Fortunately, You CAN Still Get…
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